Join In The Experience

All of us here at Ahimsa Media have been enjoying our  relationship with Paperny Films and talk daily about the adventures their shows have inspired us to have.  We are pleased to share some exciting opportunities that have come along for others to get involved with them as well.  Paperny is casting for a few shows that are close to home for topics we either support, or are experiencing ourselves.  Within our education department, we are always working to educate students of all ages, not just on academics, but on how to be well rounded, respected individuals in society and within their own family environments.  One of Paperny’s new shows is looking for families who may have a teen that is rebellious and out of control and for behaviour specialists that can provide the struggling families with tools to build a a strong unit for a healthy future.
Displeasure of a Daughter

As Ahimsa has begun to spread its wings and create offices in Vancouver, Toronto and LA, we find ourselves amongst many boxes and small items that don’t really seem to have a proper place.  We suspect that we will be closely following the new HGTV de-cluttering show, which is also accepting casting applications, closely for some wise advice.  A large part of enjoying new places, and distracting ourselves from clutter, has been to indulge in divine local food.  If you are a supplier of such divinity, the ever-popular Eat St. is looking for food carts to feature across North America.

In addition to these casting opportunities, Paperny also has employment positions available for Story Editors and Writers.

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