Being storytellers and having a love for education, we facilitate workshops & coach on using emerging and social media platforms to tell your stories – creatively and professionally. The desire to tell stories has not diminished for thousands of years, only the tools have changed. Ahimsa Media is as passionate about new technologies as we are about storytelling. Since stories and technology don’t have to be mutually exclusive, we want to work with you to share what we have learned.

Erica Hargreave and Caitlin Burns on a Panel on Convergent Storytelling. Photographer: Liz Kearsley
Erica Hargreave and Caitlin Burns on a Panel on Convergent Storytelling. Photographer: Liz Kearsley

We first started this over a decade ago, when Erica Hargreave partnered with Megan Mallen in Bridging Media, an initiative designed to open the channels of communication between the broadcast and digital media communities, to connect these two dynamic and powerful media. Through Bridging Media, we have:

  • thrown day long conferences
  • spoken on & moderated emerging media panels
  • demonstrated social media storytelling in action at conferences & festivals
  • consulted with other conferences and festivals to help them organize the emerging & innovative media aspects to their program

Today we continue to develop workshops and coach on digital, emerging, immersive, and social media strategy and storytelling.  We have developed such workshops for:

  • tourism
  • broadcasters
  • filmmakers
  • educators and educational institutions
  • artists (writers, actors, playwrights, musicians, dancers, tactile artists ..etc)
  • advertisers
  • corporations

Our Instructors have a passion for teaching and experience with the subject matter that they teach. We are storytellers and we have worked with and in traditional and emerging media, technology, digital media, tourism, journalism and education.

Erica Hargreave speaking on 'Real Time' Storytelling at the UNWTO Conference on Working with Media in Challenging Times.
Erica Hargreave speaking on ‘Real Time’ Storytelling at the UNWTO Conference on Working with Media in Challenging Times.

With a background in formal education, we also offer separate workshop strictly geared to the use of digital and immersive media in education for educators. We show educators how to help their students use digital media safely and effectively to support what they are already learning in the classroom.

Depending on your needs, we offer half day overviews, day long workshops, on-going seminars, and one-on-one coaching on digital, emerging, immersive, and social media, and storytelling. You can book workshops with us for your organization or check back here for our community workshops throughout the year.

Some of the workshops we offer are:

  • Creating Sustainable Funding Solution for Innovations in Education, Technology and Storytelling
  • Exploring the Web Monetization Standard as a Solution for Sustainability for Digital Creators
  • Using WordPress to Build an Online School, Teaching Platform, and Online Courses
  • Exploring Immersive Media to Develop Creative and Engaging Educational Solutions
  • Incorporating Mindfulness, Exercise and Healthy Screen Breaks into Your Online Courses or Work Day
  • Social Media 101
  • Building Websites with WordPress
  • Web 2.0 Design
  • Audio and Video Podcasting
  • Digital Brand Storytelling
  • ‘Real Time’ Storytelling
  • Promotion and Community Building with Social Media
  • Developing and Measuring Digital Campaigns
  • Writing for the Web
  • Social Media and Online Safety for Kids
  • Social Media in the Classroom
  • Journalism in the Digital Era

Also check out the speaking website for Erica Hargreave, our Head of Interactive and Creative.  She speaks around the World on digital, interactive and immersive, and convergent storytelling and strategy, and digital branding and marketing.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss he development of a workshop for you or for a quote ~ info[at] / 604-785-3602.