Case Study: Being Emme

A few years ago, we were approached by the author of ‘Being Emme’.   She wanted us to build her pen name, Emme Rogers, for some Bridget Jone’s Diary-like novels she was writing and build a following for her stories on-line.


Emme Rogers (photographer: Lola May)


Whilst Emme Rogers’ stories are fictional, the author wanted to keep Emme separate from her other writing, so in an early story meeting we decided with the author to build a social media storytelling case study, in which we made the author’s pen name the main character of the stories – Miss Emme Rogers.

Initially, Emme toyed with telling her stories in a space where she could write with a few gal pals that had also created pen name characters.  This gave birth to  By telling the gals stories online through blog posts, photos, video, various social media platforms and occasional public appearances, Emme, the gals and SexyinVanCity became popular world-wide.  Emme started getting touted as an on-line celebrity and Vancouver’s own Carrie Bradshaw and sponsors approached the site. But for Emme and us, most importantly, we were able to define and understand our audience better, which was not as we’d initially suspected, predominantly female. This was equally a story for men, as it was women.  Phase 1 successful.


The Gals (photographer: Lola May)


Phase 2 is well underway. We have, with Emme, left SexyinVanCity to the other ladies and have launched Emme on her own site, ‘Being Emme‘, where she tells the day-to-day tales on the road to writing her novels and chats about the many wonderful characters and settings that inspire her along the way.

In conjunction with this, Emme has also been asked to speak at conferences, be the Vancouver host of an entertainment show, write for online magazines and has published her first calendar (Reading is Sexy – a fundraiser for literacy and dyslexia).

True multi-platform storytelling.  Print-Online-Interactive-Video-In Person.


Emme hanging with the stunningly beautiful Joanne McDonald at the Yorkton Film Festival


Phase 3 was launched in Alpha at the end of the summer of 2011. We launched Emme into her transmedia travel series, Roamancing, the world’s first transmedia travel property to blur the lines between the imagination and real life with both character and real world travelers.

Giving the audience what they’re craving – different and interactive experiences with the stories they follow, in which they can have an impact.