Educational Services

Ahimsa Media President, Erica Hargreave and Head of Education, Lori Yearwood, started their career in education and as

Photographer: Adrian Lam

such knows what teachers need from the media they use in the classroom, what works well in the classroom, and what excites, stimulates and motivates kids.  They also understand educational terminology and can speak to the education systems needs.

Our educational division utilizes these skills to help …

  • films
  • TV series
  • videos
  • web properties
  • novels
  • natural & cultural history sites

… access the classroom.

We can:

  • research potential educational markets for your project
  • make grade and subject curriculum connections for your project
  • create an educational package to accompany your project that includes, background information for the students and teacher and pre- and post- classroom activities
  • create more involved educational packages for your project that also include worksheets, tests and assessments
  • write scripts for educational shows and videos
  • consult on the educational aspects of children’s series, web properties and videos


A Scene from The Magic Backpack

A Scene from The Magic Backpack


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