Liz Joins #mobilersca to Experiment with the Android Galaxy Smartphone

Love any excuse to sing the praises of our team and I am most pleased that Liz Kearsley just gave us such an excuse.

Liz has been selected to be one of Canada’s first Mob!lers!  Samsung Canada picked her and 29 other 20-somethings living in Canada to take part in a competition with their new Android Galaxy S Vibrant Smartphones. Liz and her Team Vansung will duel it out against five other teams in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver for cash and prizes, including a trip to Korea, in 4 challenges designed to experiment with transmedia with their Galaxy Smartphones.

Before the fun started, Samsung set the guys a mini challenge in Toronto which Liz’s Team Vansung won.

Mohammed Hassan-Ali

Here are Liz and her teammates:


Mohammed Hassan-Ali – @skysurfer64

Desired Superpower: To change the weather, so everyday he can avoid ever getting caught in those Vancouver downpours.


In Real Life: Grad Student studying Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology

Gyslain Lalonde

Gyslain Lalonde

Desired Superpower: Batman Wannabe

In Real Life: Server and reality TV talent


Chris McGuire

Chris McGuire @chrisonhismac

Desired Superpower: To be untouchable, yet imperceptible.

In Real Life: Web & Mobile Developer


Peter Verge

Peter Verge @peterverge

Desired Superpower: Snooping on Other’s Text Messages (a fly on the cell, if you will)

In Real Life: All Round Personality, MC and Broadcast Journalist in the making

Liz Kearsley

Liz Kearsley @LizKearsley

Desired Superpower: Information Osmosis (not surprising, as we see her similarities with an amoeba)

In Real Life: PhotoJournalist

Please help us to cheer them on in their last 4 competitions by keeping an eye on the Samsung Mobile Canada facebook page.  Go Vansung Go!