Creating a Digital Signature with SignEasy

There have been countless times when I have received an email with a document that needs to be printed and signed then sent back ASAP.  On numerous occasions this has been when I am nowhere near a computer, printer or scanner!  I have come across a couple Apps that have solved this dilemma for me: SignEasy; a digital signature App, and Genius Scan (which I will discuss in my next post in ‘Apps for the Busy Professional on the Go’).

Within SignEasy, you enter and save your signature by  writing it with your finger.  You are then able to open a document directly from an email and insert your signature onto the appropriate page.  You simply pinch the signature to shrink it to the right size and drag it to place it right on the line.  The App also has the function to enter dates, addresses and other text formalities. There is an easy to follow tutorial which shows you how to digitally sign a document.

SignEasy tap for signature

This is a sample document from within the App which shows the simplicity of the design and instruction.

digital signature

When you enter your signature, you have a nice open screen to write it with your finger. You can see how you are able to select the ink colour you need.

SignEasy signature App

Adjusting and Placing Your Signature

When your signature appears on your document you will need to shrink the size and move it to the appropriate spot. You can see from the choices at the bottom that you are also able to enter the date and any text that might be necessary for you to add within the document. After you select ‘Done’ you will have the option to share and send the document to the intended recipient.

I have been using this App for a long time now and I believe there have been a few upgrades along the way providing an enhanced user experience with even more options than I have described above, and this App is free.  As a very busy working mom I have been extremely grateful for the time and headaches it has helped me to avoid!


  1. Hey Lori, thank you for the review! We are very happy to be useful to you and we hope your readers benefit from SignEasy as well 😀 We love to see that users notice and appreciate our app updates, our team is continuously working on improving the user experience. I do however want to clarify that SignEasy is a Productivity app continuously featured in top Business App Lists. And although you can download and use the app free of cost initially, we do rely on customer purchases to sustain the product and the company. For this reason, SignEasy has 2 types of In-App purchases a pay as you go option for casual users and an annual subscription 🙂 Thank you! Ananda from SignEasy.

  2. Thanks for those updates…great to know! I think I nearly cried the first time I used the App and realized how easy it is so I know it’s worth an In-App purchase should I come to that point.

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