A Very Cool Example of Innovative Transmedia Storytelling from a Chronicle YouTube Post

With having worked extensively with film and television, in training, strategizing and implementing digital and transmedia storytelling, we are aware that it’s been a struggle to get filmmakers to think in advance of how to tell their stories to multiple platforms and to leave a budget for it to be done properly.  Our Message? Remembering that we are storytellers and telling a story, and that this is just as important to your digital feeds, as it is to the screen, to engage and titillate the audience’s imagination. It is for this reason that we get so excited when we see innovative examples of transmedia storytelling from films and television series.

This is exactly what we found recently with this youtube video and real world event, acting as a teaser for the movie Chronicle:


[youtube dcDN409ZBv4]


Thanks to the Roam Mobility Blog for sharing this!

Wish we’d been following this through from the start to have seen how the full campaign transpired.


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