The Yorkton Film Festival Goes Interactive

Most excited to be heading off to the Yorkton Film Festival this week with Tris Hussey (from m2o)  and Emme Rogers.

The three of us, along with locals, Richard Gustin, Karen Brownlee, and Lee Robertson will be demoing Interactive Storytelling to the Festival by telling the Festivals story through tweets, snapping pics, blogging and possibly even shooting a bit of video.  Much of this is very new to both the film world and Saskatchewan, so we will be posting some basic how-to set-up various social media platform posts on Bridging Media.  We will also be talking a fair bit about characters on the web there.  We even did a podcast with @SookieBonTemps (the True Blood character Sookie Stackhouse on Twitter) that you should be able to find there later this week.  For the lighter side of the Festival (or as Emme likes to call them festivities) check out Emme’s posts on Being Emme.

Designed by Mitch Doll

Designed by Mitch Doll

The main highlight of the festival for us is the Interactive Storytelling Panel on Friday May 22 from 1:30 – 4 pm Saskatchewan time, 12:30 – 3 pm PST.  Very excited about this panel as it is all about what I am passionate about – Interactive Storytelling.  We will be talking about building stories and characters interactively with the audience,  using social media tools to effectively tell stories and further your projects, and discuss the future of media.  Joining me on the panel is Richard Gustin (former head storyteller at SCN), Gresham Bradley (Director of On-line Development at e-cast in New Zealand), and Peter Raymont (Executive Producer of the Border).  Emme is also insisting that she’s going to be making an appearance (apparently the lack of an invitation hasn’t dissuaded her) and Tris will be our in the audience online panelist driving the traffic and conversation online along with Lee Robertson and Karen Brownlee.  We are really hoping some of our social media savvy friends from Vancouver and elsewhere will jump into the online conversation during the panel – the tag is #yff09 – as we want to highlight the sort of talent out there that the producers and broadcasters in the room should be bringing on to their projects.  I know for sure that both @SookieBonTemps and @LordLikely are planning on hopping into the conversation.

Stay Tuned for more from Yorkton (mainly on Bridging Media, m2o, A View from the Isle and Being Emme)!


  1. Jon Jennings says:

    Emme? That early in the day? You really think so?

    Although, to be fair, she did make it to tea last month at 2(ish)

  2. Jon Jennings says:

    I think she’s pissed with you anyway about interviewing Sookie without her.
    But as long as there’s good festivities on Thursday night then you’re probably safe.

  3. Hmph!!!! I guess the two of you have been missing me rockin’ in the AM. How very rude of you both!!!

  4. I am pissed about that!!! I found Sookie first and you and Tris couldn’t even wait a measly day to interview her with me. Very rude! !

  5. Well to be honest Jon, I’m really hoping she sleeps through it. She has a tendency to be a little unpredictable and is rather demanding of the spotlight.

  6. Your probably right. Won’t lose too much sleep over it.

  7. Emme, if it makes you feel any better, I’ll take you to Hooligan’s next time I go with the girls. Sound good?

  8. Hot, scantily clad men and good gal pals!?! Yep, that would make me feel all better. I’m definitely in! Just name the date.

  9. Lord Likely says:

    I look forward to interacting with you all! Oh yes.

  10. Well to be honest Jon, I’m really hoping she sleeps through it. She has a tendency to be a little unpredictable and is rather demanding of the spotlight.

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