Lori Goes Viral

Howling with laughter!!!  Always knew our very own Lori Yearwood was a Rock Star,  but the paparazzi pics that spread virally of her on the web today proves it.

As seen on celebuzz.com, Lori’s paparazzi pic!

Not much of a celebrity hound or quite frankly an advocate of star power, but I have to say that it was interesting to see how a paparazzi pic taken of our very own star, Lori Yearwood, could go viral on the web in a day.  She’s on:

  • celebuzz
  • the velvet hot tub
  • ocean up
  • socialite life
  • popsugar

…. and the list goes on.  And the funny part, the info they gave on all these sites isn’t even accurate.  Same misinformation across the board.  Just goes to show you that not everything you read, especially online, is true.

As for the original photographer? Not a clue, but glad nobodies jumping out of the bushes to shoot me.

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