Don’t Forget to Tune into the Dashing Richard Yearwood Tonight on InSecurity

There are so many reasons why we adore and are proud of Richard Yearwood around here, but tonight it’s for his latest role as NISA Agent Benjamin N’udu in the new CBC Series InSecurity. Don’t miss the Premiere tonight (January 4th, 2011) at 8:30 pm on CBC, right after The Rick Mercer Report.

Grace Lynn Kung, Richard Yearwood and the cast of InSecurity up next, after The Rick Mercer Report

For those of you who don’t know Richard personally, he is an incredibly talented man with an even bigger heart.  It’s why we love him.  He keeps us laughing and on our toes, especially with his repertoire of accents on the phone.  My favourite has got to be the time a little old lady called me up looking for her doctor’s office, only to discover it was Richard.  This InSecurity File on Richard and N’udu pegs Richard to a T.

Now if that doesn’t make you just love and adore Richard and his alias N’udu, then I’m sure his Bomb Primer will.

Needless to say InSecurity is a comedy and spoof on serious spy and crime drama shows. Best described, in my mind, in the Postmedia News:

if James Bond were Mr. Bean ~ Sheri Levine

You can follow along with the InSecurity antics of Benjamin N’udu and his fellow NISA Agents on their website, facebook or through their twitter feeds:

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